The Importance of Proper Maintenance for Your Surface

Asphalt is a popular material for paving due to its durability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness. It is a mixture of rock, sand, and asphalt concrete that creates a smooth and solid surface for driveways, parking lots, and roadways. However, like any other material, asphalt requires proper maintenance to ensure its longevity and functionality.


Why Proper Maintenance is Important for Your Asphalt Surface

Proper maintenance is crucial to keep your asphalt driveway looking great and lasting for a long time. Here are some of the essential maintenance tips that you should follow:

Cracks and potholes are the most common problems that occur in the surfaces. They are caused by a variety of factors such as heavy traffic, weather changes, and lack of maintenance. If left untreated, cracks and potholes can cause serious damage to your surface and lead to costly repairs or even replacement. Proper maintenance such as sealcoating, crack filling, and regular inspections can prevent cracks and potholes from forming.

Asphalt vs. Concrete

When it comes to driveway surfaces, asphalt and concrete are the two most popular options. Both have their pros and cons, and the decision ultimately comes down to personal preference. Here are some of the key differences between asphalt and concrete:

Our Commitment to Quality and Customer Satisfaction

At J. Stanley Paving Company, we understand the importance of proper maintenance and high-quality materials for your surface. We have been providing exceptional paving services for over 32 years with a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Our experienced experts specialize in both commercial and residential asphalt driveway paving, parking lot paving, and asphalt roadways. We use only the highest quality concrete and rock sand to ensure the longevity and durability of your surface.

The Role of Asphalt Concrete and Rock Sand in Your Surface

Asphalt concrete and rock sand are essential components of your surface. Asphalt concrete is the binder that holds the aggregate (rock and sand) together, while rock sand provides strength and stability to the surface. The quality of these materials directly affects the durability and longevity of your surface.

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